Tot, Your Scratchpad

2 min read

First when Tot came out, I thought what am I going to use another text related application for? Previously, if it was text snippets I needed temporary to store somewhere, I would use TextEdit or Drafts for this purpose. What was annoying with TextEdit, if you had several windows open, you needed to dismiss save dialog box. It may sound like nothing, but if you do it almost daily, frustration starts to take over. When it comes to Drafts, I already use it for a lot of stuff and would like to avoid fill up drafts library with temporary junk. Also in some cases it makes more sense to have reference information in another application to be able to switch quickly between two or more sources.

About Tot

Tot is a fast text utility which lets you quickly save snippets of text without dealing with save dialogs. Tot consisting of 7 dots, which means 7 different buckets for storing your text. No more, no less. Someone can see it like limitation, but I find it really handy to not be able to create new dots. We have already enough applications where we need to deal with management of documents, folders, tags, directories and so on. Specially when you in the hurry, you can open tot press “⌘ + 0” and will activate one of dots which is empty. Since I use Tot primary for short pieces of text, when I’m done I close the app without thinking about if I saved it or not. Because I use Tot for temporary storage of text, I don’t rely on this as backup of text. Usually, when I’m closing Tot, I have moved this text to other applications where perhaps this information belongs.

Keyboard shortcuts makes it straightforward to switch between dots.

One feature I would like to be added, is the ability to automatically delete content of dots. For example, if you haven’t opened dot in two weeks, content should be cleared. Obviously, not have this option by default, but give flexibility for them who may want it.

Unlike other text utilities, Tot is an app which I maybe use once a week, but every-time I use it, this tiny text utility makes it elegant and quick experience to process temporary content.