Quick Thoughts: iPadOS 15

< 1 min read

After updating my iPad to the last version of iPadOS yesterday, I’m not really sure if iPadOS 15 got better from a VoiceOver user perspective.

I poked around with new features, checked out improvements in the built-in applications such as Notes and Reminders, and was not impressed. Even so, as usually with new releases of OS, came new bugs. They are not crucial, but after you find more of them, it affects overall user experience. I will not go in detail because such minor bugs will ideally be fixed in upcoming updates.

I have not spent a lot of time using the new OS, but here are a couple of my favorite features so far:

  • VoiceOver will now announce if the flashlight is on after a minute. Handy because as a visually impaired user, I don’t notice it until the iPhone gets unexpectedly warm or if people around tell it.
  • More customisation in Verbosity settings for VoiceOver

The new iPadOS is rough in a few edges, but hopefully the accessibility team at Apple will be responsive this year to resolve the issues.