Playlist Folder for Your Music Library

3 min read

Streaming of music today is a common case, and probably you have saved enough of playlists and would like to organize them. Don’t many knows, but you can do it on a desktop version of Spotify or Apple Music. It involves, drag and drop and therefore can be tricky to discover for VoiceOver users, especially since drag and drop on macOS poorly adapted in comparison to iPadOS.


Since Spotify based on Chromium Embedded Framework, you can use the keyboard shortcut VO + ⌘ + H to jump straight to the playlist section.

First, You need to create a folder before you starting to spend energy and time to make your music library more structured. You can do it by using keyboard shortcut ⌘ + ⇧ + N. When you browse through your playlist list, a folder will be indicated by an unlabelled button under the folder title. Thereafter, you navigate to a playlist you want to move inside your recently created folder. Make sure that VoiceOver focus is on the right playlist by pressing VO + ⌘ + F5, which will move mouse focus to the VoiceOver focus. The next command is pressing VO + ⌘ + Space to release mouse down on the object you have under your mouse, also the playlist. Then use standard VoiceOver navigation commands until you find your playlist folder. Move focus on to the unlabelled button and repeat with same keyboard shortcuts to drop the selected playlist in a folder.

Apple Music

Since AppleMusic application is more accessible, after you moved a playlist in a folder, you can use VO + @ to expand and collapse to get overview what is inside this particular folder. When you are navigating in a sidebar through your list of playlists, when you come to folder, VoiceOver will announce “minimized” or “expanded” depends on if a folder already expanded or not. You need first to interact with a sidebar to get this indicator of folder, otherwise it will not be obvious either it is a playlist or a playlist folder.

In Music application, there is no custom keyboard shortcut for creating a playlist folder. Therefore, you need to go to Archive > New > Playlist Folder. Alternatively, if you’re finding yourself often creating new folders, you can go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts and create a custom keyboard shortcut for this command.

After you created a folder, you use the same keyboard shortcuts. Namely, VO + ⌘ + F5 and VO + ⌘ + Space, just as in Spotify.


One thing to keep in mind, is that both in Spotify and Apple Music, you can’t edit or create playlist folders from a mobile device.

At first, a playlist folder in music player can sound as a pointless feature, partly because it is hidden and only available on desktop. Besides that, it helps to keep your music library more organised, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to your collection of playlists in a while.