Tot, Your Scratchpad

2 min read

First when Tot came out, I thought what am I going to use another text related application for?

The Software Keyboard Is Not for Me

3 min read

As iPhone was the first of my devices I learned to use, touch was obviously the primary input method. It worked to send short messages and look up something in a browser, but nothing longer than that. I tried Siri, and it works from time to time. I can't rely on functionality which is unstable and you can't be sure that outcome will be as you wanted. Usually, I end up with double-checking the things that were processed by 'smart' assistent. In addition, often needed to change or correct the results.

Conveniences of Reading Time Indicator

2 min read

Everyone has a limited amount of time they want or can spend on content online. Not every website has an indication of how long it will take to read through a blogpost or an article. From a visual users perspective it is very straightforward.

Get Back Your Focus

2 min read

On our devices are many both offline and online distractions. It can be dangerous when something important is on the horizon, but you haven’t started to prepare or working on a project. Sure enough Twitter feed can be more interesting and after few minutes you realize that you have been scrolling at least for an hour.

Can You Actually Use Emojis?

4 min read

One of Frequently Asked Questions I get, is about ‘can you read emojis and how you use them in general?’. Luckily emojis is way more accessible than images on the web, which makes it possible for blind people read&send emojis and don’t feel excluded from something what is primary based on visual aspects.

If You Could Choose One iOS app to run on your Mac

4 min read

Silicon Macs

are on their way and they will have support for running iOS apps. I started to wonder what if I was given the choice to bring only one application from iOS and add it to my collection on macOS, which one it should be?

It did not take a long time before overcast came to mind. Excellent podcast player Overcast, I have everything I need from a feature perspective, quick navigation, and seamless sync between iPhone and iPad.

Make VoiceOver Great Again

2 min read

After iOS 14 was released last week, some VoiceOver users and even I noticed that the responsiveness was much slower than usual. It’s a bummer when a new OS release brings more bugs instead of long awaited features to your device.

Apple Watch SE, is it for you?

2 min read

This week Apple announced the new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. The assigned price tag is $279 for the SE model, people are confused whether it is even an interesting model. is it just to throw this thought of the SE in the trash? Is the new Series 6 the only way to go?