NetNewsWire 6, New Version Is Out

2 min read

Earlier this year, My favorite RSS Reader got a major update with iCloud sync on macOS. This week, the iOS version also updated with new features, including iCloud sync as well. Now you don’t need third-party service to keep your feeds in sync across multiple devices.

There are several great RSS readers such as ReadKit, Unread, lire, News Explorer, but I’m finding NetNewsWire best suits for my needs.

I haven’t written about the new macOS version, but my second favorite feature, besides iCloud sync, is share extension. It is a welcome feature because I often find this useful on iOS when I came across an interesting blog and want to subscribe to the feed.

Likewise, you can also do it the traditional way, via importing an OPML file into NetNewsWire.

Features From Older Versions

I have been using NeetNewsWire quite a while and here is a few of other useful features.

  • AppleScript, although Shortcuts is coming to the Mac this fall, NetNewsWire has great AppleScript support which lets me save different articles in various places with a key press.
  • Drag and drop, you can even drag and drop feeds and folders to different accounts. Might be you have subscribed to many feeds over time and don’t want to bring the entire collection of your feeds. This way you can take with you what is relevant for you now and put old feeds behind.

NetNewsWire is a fast, lightweight application which makes it a smooth experience to enjoy your feeds you are subscribed to. In addition to the product itself, NetNewsWire has a passioned team of volunteers behind it.

If you don’t use any RSS reader, check out NetNewsWire or other great options I mentioned above. Instead of browsing on endless feed on social media, you have full control of your reading environment.