Make VoiceOver Great Again

2 min read

After iOS 14 was released last week, some VoiceOver users and even I noticed that the responsiveness was much slower than usual. It’s a bummer when a new OS release brings more bugs instead of long awaited features to your device.

Swipe, not Scroll

This issue was easy to detect. As a VO user, you need to swipe until you hear that you are in the right position. Sighted people are more used to scrolling for the most time. Well, it may be the biggest difference between using an iPhone with and without VoiceOver. The second difference is that we double tap to activate an item, where mostly you would just need to perform a single tap.

Delayed Response

This bug drives me nuts, so much that I have to minimize the usage of my iPhone. Shortly after the launch of iOS 14, the beta for ios 14.2 became available and I signed up in the hope that it will fix the issue, but still no changes in this area. When it comes to quickly navigating the UI I’m not the most effective user. I have met people who swipe at insane speeds. I can imagine that a lot of people are frustrated after updating to the latest update and as a result they can not use their device properly.

It often varies how long it will take for Apple to fix this type of issue related to VoiceOver after major release of iOS. Hopefully it wont take too long for Apple to do it, because it’s so important as to how you interact with your device.