If You Could Choose One iOS app to run on your Mac

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Silicon Macs

are on their way and they will have support for running iOS apps. I started to wonder what if I was given the choice to bring only one application from iOS and add it to my collection on macOS, which one it should be?

It did not take a long time before overcast came to mind. Excellent podcast player Overcast, I have everything I need from a feature perspective, quick navigation, and seamless sync between iPhone and iPad.


There are a lot of alternatives to overcast on the App Store, but after I tested some other alternatives, overcast is my podcast player of choice. Both overcast and their competitors have this feature where if you pause a podcast and play it again it will rewind a few seconds to remind where you were. I don’t know why, but I felt that in other applications they didn’t make the transition as smooth or nothing happens at all.

Personally, I like this feature, not only because it’s a nice feature, but it also works seamlessly all the time. It can be very handy if it’s been a while since you listened to that episode and don’t remember exactly what the hosts of the show talked about.

Quick Navigation

When you launch the app, the main view makes it the most efficient experience to jump between different shows. Especially with VoiceOver, it usually takes longer to use an application, a computer, and to live in general as a blind person. So thanks to Marco for making the design of overcast so accessible, making me able to save time and decrease interactions with tabs and windows.

Apple Podcasts have a classic ‘Now Playing’ view which requires several steps to get where you want. To change settings by the show, you need to tap many times to the point that you will forget what you needed to change. In overcast when you open a specific show, you get unplayed, all, and settings. These 3 sections are toggle sections which means that you don’t need to close any tabs or go back to the previous section. It is also very simple to delete a show completely. If you can see, just swipe on the name of the show and press delete. For VoiceOver users it’s very simple too, just flick up once and double-tap to activate ‘Delete’ button.

I Would it like if more apps had such simplicity in their design as well.

Listen To Podcasts

For the most time, publicly blind users are good at using headphones to not distract people around. But if you pass by and hear voice speech at a high speed, do not ask “can you even hear what she said?”. Well, I don’t think that is a method to attract or impress strangers by listening to a podcast at high speed. Because it is not impressive for someone that uses high speed voiceover, it is just normal.

It is similar to as if a blind person were to ask car drivers about: ‘How do you notice pedestrians who go across the road when you drive so fast?’ Because it’s not really anything you pay attention to, it’s just something that you are used to doing.

How To Get Headache In 15 Minutes

I like to listen to podcasts at high speed. I get bored of hearing when people talk slowly. So after I started to listen to podcasts on increased speed, I rarely listen to something live because simply its too boring. Especially when you are used to hearing voices for a specific person it becomes weird to hear them at normal speed.

I have tried different speeds over time and how I choose when I want to speed up depends on a few criteria:

  • Speech rate and intonation to hosts
    • This one is most crucial because one host can talk slowly, but another one talks fast. It often ends with slower speed simply because of disbalance between hosts.
  • topic
    • if it’s an advanced theme, I will naturally decrease to catch up to what being said
  • listening history
    • If I have heard these people before and are comfortable with their voices, over time I can increase to a higher level
  • quality of audio
    • I rarely listen to content with bad quality in general, so most likely I will just skip the episode/show. Even if it’s a something I interested in

I have tried everything from 1x (normal speed) to 2.9x, which means almost three times faster. I can hear what’s been said, I can follow the conversation but after 10–15 minutes I start to get a headache., So for the most time, I listen from 1.5x to 2.3x.

So if I had the possibility to bring only one app to macOS, I would choose overcast and continue to try to not get a headache after listening to a show after a few minutes on the highest speed.