Get Back Your Focus

2 min read

On our devices are many both offline and online distractions. It can be dangerous when something important is on the horizon, but you haven’t started to prepare or working on a project. Sure enough Twitter feed can be more interesting and after few minutes you realize that you have been scrolling at least for an hour.

Help Your Self

To keep these distractions out of your sight, you can use something like Focus . This app can block specific websites and applications which you have chosen. In Focus you can also turn on schedule mode which in theory should help you to form habits to spend your time on things which are important versus news browsing etc.

My Experience With Focus

As I mentioned above, Focus lets you create a schedule which can be executed on week days, weekend, all week or specific days only. In addition you can turn on hardcore mode which makes it impossible to open settings while Focus session is running. Personally after I tried schedule mode few times, the workflow didn’t stick with me.

Explore Your Forgotten Quotes

Another feature I like in Focus, is that when you visit one of the blocked sites while Focus is on, it will show you different inspirational, pre-saved, quotes about the importance of working on things that are necessary etc. If you have a library of quotes which you have forgotten to reveal, you can add them to Focus so next time you open the distracted sites, one of your quotes can appear in the browser and maybe inspire you to go back to working on the project you have procrastinated on.

Extra Layer of Discipline

Last I want to mention feature which I haven’t used, but I can understand why this function can be helpful to someone. What you can do, is lock the settings panel with a password which your friend or family member created, to help you form better habits of technology. If you choose to try this workflow, be sure that person who created password have it written it some in place where you would find it later. If you forget this password, you will be unable to unlock settings panel..

I haven’t covered all features in Focus, but I hope I could give you few reasons why you should be at least aware of this type of software. Time runs from us, so make sure you spend it on things which will improve your life!