Apple Watch SE, is it for you?

2 min read

This week Apple announced the new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. The assigned price tag is $279 for the SE model, people are confused whether it is even an interesting model. is it just to throw this thought of the SE in the trash? Is the new Series 6 the only way to go?

Both watches are great, but I’m still missing some core features to be able to call Apple Watch my favorite wearable device. There are only two things I feel it’s lacking:

  • Improved Battery Life
  • True Independent Mode

Will Be Popular In 2 Years

It’s not a huge saving if you compare the new SE and Series 6. New SE will find it’s the target audience for sure, but remember what happened to iPhone SE? It was also released with a $100 difference and it was not that attractive for customers until the price dropped later.

Still Waiting

Even the new blood oxygen feature is amazing and makes a huge difference for people who need to have access to this information on a daily basis. Sounds like an important feature to have, but we will see later how accurate and reliable it is.

Keep in mind that to MEASURE blood oxygen, you need a Series 6 model.

Personally, this year’s watches have not made me want to switch to a newer version.

What I want from Apple Watch is true independence from the iPhone. I didn’t have these thoughts about using the watch without iPhone until Apple recently released watchOS 7 and added support for Rotor for VoiceOver users. It gave me a different perspective and made me reconsider my view on using the Apple Watch. Rotor has features that have existed on the iPhone for several years and were finally brought to the watch as well. With Rotor, I can now quickly adjust various configurations and not get annoyed by how limited Apple Watch can be relative to the iPhone or iPad.

such small changes will affect how people think about this computer on their wrist and hopefully, at some point, we wouldn’t need to have it pared with the iPhone to be able to use it fully.